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Included as part of the proceedings at the
2022 NYCEMF 

Ephemeral Particulate

Ephemeral ParticulateSteven Lewis
00:00 / 05:48
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Ephemeral Particulate centers around the concept of Non-Linear Gestural Augmentation. It is a performance-driven system that initially uses transformative response methods to broaden the sonic possibilities of the acoustic drum set. Motion tracking and audio analysis are used as input sources to control the real-time processing, where both the original and manipulated signals are recorded into separate buffers. The drummer is then enabled to further access and incorporate these previous ideas into their current playing. Through leveraging processed signals into  sensor-controlled generative and sequenced material, a repurposing occurs, where one’s acoustic solo improvisation is transformed into electro-acoustic musical accompaniment for the same performer. Through Non-Linear Gestural Augmentation, the drummer can disembody the timbral and temporal qualities of their instrument’s material and acoustic dimensions from the physical movements required to enact these sounds.

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