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Included as part of the proceedings of ICMC 2022

2022 ICMC Paper Presentation


Improvising Avatars: Conceptualizing Game Environments as a New Medium for Procedurally Interactive  Computer Music

Image 6-29-22 at 12.21 PM.jpg

This is a presentation of research outlining the technical and aesthetic considerations in conceptualizing, constructing a virtual game environment as a new medium for procedurally interactive computer controller. 

     In an effort to derive novel, electro-acoustic improvisational techniques based on non-linear, procedural human-computer interaction, the virtual player’s gestural options, as well as their discreet and continuous movements, are converted into a stream of running data. By constructing a musical environment in this manner,  there exists an inescapable duality between the participating musicians, where the human performer and virtual player’s output greatly influences the decision- making process of the other, and by extension, the processing of the audio and video source material.

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