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Transgressional Professional was made by converting a four piece acoustic drumset into an electronic instrument through the use of Sunhouse Sensory Percussion® technology ( There are no cymbals or any other percussion used - just the four drums, and the attached sensors. The drums have 10 distinct zones that the user can program with their own synthesized or designed sounds. The software uses machine learning technology to measure the velocity and speed at which the drummer plays, and these resulting metrics can be used to to further process or modulate the sounds assigned to each of these zones. An individual zone can be also used to trigger an entirely new set of sound files to be assigned to each of the drums. There are three distinct sets used here, with each assemblage of sounds signifying a transition to a new section within the piece.   


This orientation to the electro-acoustic instrument affords the user a added layer of technology through which to analyze their gestures, which in turns, lends insights into their musical reflexes while simultaneously providing a space to experiment with an augmented drumming vocabulary.

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